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Local Pest Control Done Right

Wildlife invasions in Connecticut can lead to significant property damage and health risks. Effective wildlife control is therefore vital to secure your property.

CT Family Owned & Operated

Founded by industry veteran John Rosario, ProSource Pest Solutions has quickly become Connecticut’s leading pest control service since its inception in 2018. With over 15 years of frontline experience at three reputable pest control companies, John used his wealth of expertise to set a new standard for professional pest control services, embodying excellence, innovation, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Committed to Community​

As a locally owned and operated company, ProSource Pest Solutions prides itself on being your friendly neighbor and reliable source of professional pest control services. Serving commercial and residential clients across Greater Waterbury, Litchfield, New Haven, and Hartford counties, our dedicated teams are deeply embedded in the communities they serve, ensuring a personalized and responsive approach to all your pest control needs.

Shaping the Future of Pest Control​

At ProSource Pest Solutions, we recognize that pest control is a dynamic field, requiring ongoing education and innovation to stay ahead of the curve. That’s why our expert team is committed to continually enhancing their knowledge and skills, employing the latest technologies and methods to identify, eliminate, and prevent recurring pest problems in your home or workplace. With ProSource Pest Solutions, you’re not just choosing a pest control service – you’re choosing a partner dedicated to safeguarding your property, health, and peace of mind.

Our History

ProSource Pest Solutions, Connecticut’s leading pest control company, has a story rooted in dedication and professional growth. Our founder, John Rosario, spent 15 years learning the ropes of the pest control industry, working with three well-established companies that helped shape his expertise and vision.
Drawing upon this rich experience, John embarked on his own journey, starting ProSource with a clear vision of setting a new professional standard in the industry. Being a local, owner-operated company, ProSource Pest Solutions prides itself on being a neighborly source of professional pest control services.
We diligently serve commercial and residential customers across Greater Waterbury, Litchfield, New Haven, and Hartford counties. Continually driven by the spirit of learning and innovation, our expert team is dedicated to identifying, eliminating, and preventing pest recurrence in homes and workplaces. This has been our story, and we look forward to being a part of yours by providing safe, effective pest control solutions.

Areas We Serve

At ProSource Pest Solutions, our roots are firmly planted in Southington, which is not just our business location but also our home base. From this central hub, our dedicated team extends its exceptional pest control services to several neighboring towns, ensuring that residents and businesses throughout the region can enjoy pest-free environments.
Located in the heart of Southington, ProSource Pest Solutions proudly serves Hartford, Cheshire, Southington, Wallingford, Avon, Bristol, Plainville, Farmington, Greater Waterbury, and Wolcott. If you reside within these zip codes, you’re in our coverage area: 06489, 06101, 06102, 06103, 06104, 06105, 06106, 06112, 06114, 06115, 06120, 06123, 06126, 06132, 06134, 06140, 06141, 06142, 06143, 06144, 06145, 06146, 06147, 06150, 06151, 06152, 06153, 06154, 06155, 06156, 06160, 06161, 06167, 06176, 06180, 06183, 06199, 06408, 06410, 06411, 06492, 06493, 06494, 06495, 06001, 06010, 06011, 06062, 06030, 06032, 06034, 06716, 06701, 06702, 06703, 06704, 06705, 06706, 06708, 06710, 06720, 06721, 06722, 06723, 06724, 06725, 06726, 06749
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