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CT Outdoor Pest Pros

We eliminate your tick and mosquito problems for good, guaranteed.

Tick and Mosquito Control

Our expert team offers customized plans, including both one-time treatments and ongoing prevention options, designed to fit your budget and address your unique tick and mosquito concerns.

Tick and Mosquito Control

Bugged by ticks and mosquitoes in Connecticut? Let ProSource Pest Solutions reclaim your outdoor spaces. Dive into a pest-free season with our Seasonal Tick and Mosquito Control service. Schedule your free inspection now.

Total PestPro 365

Seeking a complete solution for pest protection all year round? Discover peace of mind with our Total PestPro 365 plan. This comprehensive program from ProSource Pest Solutions provides unparalleled defense against a broad spectrum of pests in Connecticut. Schedule your free inspection today.

How Outdoor Pest Control Works

ProSource uses a methodical, Connecticut-focused approach for tick and mosquito control, comprising thorough inspections, targeted treatments, and preventive measures to ensure your property remains and pest-free.

Initial Inspection

A full inspection of your property to properly identify your termite problems. 

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Extermination Plan

A CT pest expert puts together a plan of attack to exterminate your problems for good.

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Outdoor Pest Elimination

Kick back and relax while our pest experts apply safe and effective insecticides.

How Ticks and Mosquitoes Impact CT

Ticks and mosquitoes can significantly disrupt outdoor enjoyment and pose health risks. At ProSource Pest Solutions, we deliver comprehensive solutions to protect your property from these pervasive pests, ensuring your safety and comfort.

Why ticks and mosquitoes love CT

Connecticut’s unique environment, from warm, humid summers and ample rainfall to abundant wildlife and human development, creates a paradise for pests like ticks and mosquitoes. This, coupled with climate change, potentially extends their active seasons. However, there’s no need for worry. ProSource Pest Solutions is well-versed in tackling these challenges. We’re equipped with proven strategies to protect your homes and loved ones from the nuisance of ticks and mosquitoes.

Health and safety risks in CT

Ticks and mosquitoes in Connecticut pose more than just an annoyance – they carry significant health threats, including Lyme disease, Anaplasmosis, Babesiosis, West Nile Virus, and Eastern Equine Encephalitis. At ProSource Pest Solutions, we’re not just focused on pest control – we’re committed to protecting your health and wellbeing. Trust us to fortify your home against these disease carriers, promising a healthier, safer environment.

We attack the breeding grounds

In Connecticut, ticks and mosquitoes find ideal habitats in shaded, moist ground litter, forested areas, tall grasses, and standing water, allowing them to proliferate. However, with ProSource Pest Solutions, their reign is disrupted. We understand their behavior and breeding grounds and are committed to breaking their life cycles. Trust ProSource to protect your home from these pests, ensuring a relaxed, pest-free summer experience.

Tick & Mosquito Control FAQs

In Connecticut, several types of ticks and mosquitoes are prevalent. The most common tick species in Connecticut are the Black-legged tick (Ixodes scapularis), also known as the Deer tick, and the American Dog tick (Dermacentor variabilis). Deer ticks are particularly notorious for transmitting Lyme disease. When it comes to mosquitoes, the Asian Tiger Mosquito (Aedes albopictus) and the Northern House Mosquito (Culex pipiens) are commonly found in the state. Both species are known to carry and transmit various diseases, including West Nile virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis. It’s essential to stay protected and employ effective pest control strategies to minimize the risk of tick and mosquito-borne diseases in Connecticut.
Yes, professional tick and mosquito control can be highly beneficial for your property in Connecticut. These pests not only cause nuisance but also pose significant health risks as they can transmit diseases such as Lyme disease and West Nile virus. A professional pest control service has the expertise to identify, manage, and reduce these pests effectively and safely. They employ integrated pest management strategies, which include property inspections, targeted treatments, and prevention techniques. This professional approach ensures you, your family, and your pets are protected from the health threats posed by ticks and mosquitoes. So, for effective and comprehensive control of these pests, professional pest control services are recommended.
The frequency of tick and mosquito control applications on your property in Connecticut depends on several factors, including the severity of the infestation and the specific pests present. Generally, during the active season (typically from spring to fall), monthly treatments are recommended for effective control. However, it’s essential to understand that every property is unique, and therefore, the frequency of treatments may vary. As part of our service at ProSource Pest Solutions, we offer free inspections and will provide a tailored treatment plan based on the specific needs of your property. Our goal is to ensure your property is effectively protected against ticks and mosquitoes all year round.
Tick and mosquito infestations in Connecticut can be caused by several factors. Both pests thrive in warm, humid environments and reproduce rapidly under favorable conditions. For ticks, tall grass, brush, and wooded areas can provide an ideal habitat, while mosquitoes breed in stagnant water and are attracted to areas with heavy foliage. Changes in weather can also influence infestations; for instance, after heavy rainfall, you may see an increase in mosquito populations due to an increase in standing water which serves as their breeding ground. Additionally, certain landscaping features like birdbaths, ponds, or unkempt gutters can unintentionally attract these pests. By understanding what attracts these pests, appropriate prevention measures can be taken to reduce their presence on your property. At ProSource Pest Solutions, we provide comprehensive tick and mosquito control services to help manage and prevent infestations effectively.
Ticks and mosquitoes are most active in warm weather conditions. In Connecticut, this usually means they thrive in the spring, summer, and fall months. However, their activity levels can vary based on specific weather conditions within these seasons. Ticks can begin to be active as early as March when temperatures start to rise above freezing, and their activity often continues into the fall. Some tick species may also be active on warmer days in the winter. Mosquitoes typically appear in late spring or early summer and remain active until the first frost in the fall. They are most active during dusk and dawn, or throughout the day if they are in shaded areas. At ProSource Pest Solutions, we understand these seasonal trends and work to provide effective control solutions to protect your property during peak tick and mosquito seasons.
Ticks and mosquitoes are primarily known for their health risks rather than property damage. They do not cause structural damage to homes or other buildings like termites or rodents might do. However, their presence can significantly impact the use of outdoor spaces and overall enjoyment of your property, especially during warmer months when these pests are most active.

Ticks and mosquitoes are vectors for several diseases, which means they can transmit diseases to humans and pets. Ticks in Connecticut can carry Lyme disease, Babesiosis, Anaplasmosis, and other serious illnesses. Mosquitoes can transmit West Nile virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, and other diseases.

These health risks can indirectly impact your property value and its appeal, especially if you are trying to sell your home or maintain an outdoor-centric business like a restaurant or resort. Effective tick and mosquito control from professionals like ProSource Pest Solutions can help mitigate these risks and keep your property safe and comfortable for everyone.
In Connecticut, your options for tick and mosquito control are diverse and should ideally involve a combination of methods for best results. At ProSource Pest Solutions, we offer an integrated approach that includes property inspections to identify pest activity and potential breeding sites, targeted treatments using safe and effective products, and advice on preventive strategies to reduce conditions that attract these pests. We also offer regular maintenance treatments for ongoing control during tick and mosquito season and provide educational resources to help you understand these pests better. All of our treatment plans are tailored to meet the unique needs of your property, ensuring a comprehensive and effective pest control solution.

Did you know all our pest control services are backed by the ProSource Pest Promise? If you’re not completely satisfied with the results of the service within 30 days of application, we’ll provide a complimentary re-treatment  until the problem is gone or your money back, guaranteed. 

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